Marc was born on the last day of the year in Barcelona. One night, this young boy gets up and turns on the TV. What initially seems like a children’s film, unfolds into a story about mafia, assassinations, drugs and whores. “Once Upon a Time in America” by Sergio Leone, will leave a mark on this boy for life.

Years later he studies film at the University of Ramon Llull. In 2004 his personal project Resized04 was selected for the prestigious RESfest film festival in New York. After that Marc became a member of a directors’ collective in Barcelona where he experimented with new forms of expression.

Now, in his solo career, he creates work that is real and engaging. Cinematic but intimate. His flair for authentic and unexpected visual story telling is evident in his work and has made him the go-to director for clients as diverse as Audi, Toyota, Coca-Cola, PlayStation and Foundation Against Drug Addiction.