Alex 2Tone has taken what he calls a ‘non-linear’ path. The Los Angeles based film school drop out has worn many hats, among them; Graffiti artist, tattoo artist, clothing designer, company owner and film director.

He’s directed videos for Iggy Azalea, Danny Brown, Kid Sister & Far East Movement, commercial spots for Converse, Black & White Whiskey, Reebok as well as films for his own current streetwear company BornXRaised.

Literally born and raised in Venice, CA, the skate and surf culture are in his DNA. When describing Venice in the years 1990 – 2000  in an interview he said:

“1990 – 2000 was amazing, Mid 90’s was pretty nuts with the gang shit, that’s when it was at it’s peak, the racial shit, but the town was alive and it was never-ending excitement and plenty of trouble to get into. In 2010 shit started morphing into what it is now, which is pretty fucked up in my opinion. 2020 it’ll be washed back into the ocean after the Big One hits for sure. Then maybe I’ll move back.” -2Tone